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As a team, it can be difficult to be the best at staying organized. The field that we’re in requires attention to minute details among fast paced lives, giving only so much room for mess (as I like to call the everyday aspects that can lead to the disruption of a process system). In our everyday lives, we often let mess consume our time because of different priorities and obligations. But, if there’s anything we can all share in our processes, whether it be at work or in daily life, it’s the unspoken understanding that procrastination and disorganization only sets us back in the things we want to get done. 

I’m not perfect at what I do, but I’m pretty confident in my processes. Because it’s always useful to receive tips and ideas from my team, you might find it helpful as well. Reach out to peers or friends to see how they “get it together.” Or, keep reading for a few of my organizational tips to live by.

1. Never (Ever) Keep Mental Notes

It’s a last resort. Unless you have absolutely no paper, writing utensils, and maybe your phone is dead too, you should never be keeping mental reminders or to-do lists. It’s the easiest way to lose track of what you need to do and forget something important. Write it, type it, or text it. The act of writing along with seeing it written is the best way to retain memory of it while also providing a reference to look at. 

2. Get Into Routines

You might've heard this a million times, but it’s definitely the most realistically achievable in order to keep yourself organized. If you can get yourself into a workout routine or certain eating habits, you can definitely fit in a night routine or day prep in the morning. For example, before sleeping you can decide what you’ll wear tomorrow, check your work or gym bag to make sure everything you need is there, and set reminders on your phone for the next day. If the night is not your thing, you could easily make this your morning routine. Just make sure you’re up early enough to do everything you need before starting your day. 

3. Make Use of A Planner/Calendar

It’s not for everyone, but my best tool for organization is my planner. You don’t need to be a student to use one, and if you keep a busy life they’re perfect for visualizing your schedule without missing a beat. If you hate the idea of carrying one around, or having to write out your plans, the best alternative would be to use the calendar in your phone or download Google Calendar. As long as your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule is somewhere for you to look at, you’ll be less likely to forget about it or mix up the dates. 

4. Dedicate Days For Catch Up

Despite all of these tips, life is life and there will certainly be some days where you probably just can’t keep up with what you planned for yourself. Don’t take it as a way to give up on getting it all together, just dedicate some time to catch up on everything when you can and then pick up where you left off. 

If I succeeded at all with this post, then that means you’ve found at least one of these tips helpful. Here’s to trying something new and succeeding at a new lifestyle!